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Sharks have a reputation as ferocious, dumb, killing machines — crude, efficient, perfectly satisfied to search in the oceans of our planet.

Sharks have been around for a very long time and have not changed a lot in the past few million decades. The shark manner of eating and living has been hugely successful, and significant change was unnecessary.

A main factor in the evolutionary success story is the collection of senses that assist sharks find their next meal. They can detect movements in the water at a fantastic distance, they see well and have a great sense of smell. Some, especially hammerhead sharks, are expert in using all living things create to work out exactly what’s happening near, even in complete darkness.

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A shark’s streamlined form and powerful musculature means that these fish are quickly too — bad news if you’re a yummy fish…

So, this page explores a set of fish that are both primeval and sophisticated, as well as fearsome and intriguing.

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You can find well over 400 kinds of sharks that are usually assigned to 8 separate groups. The name is given in brackets.

Mackerel Sharks (Lamniformes)
Ground Sharks (Carcharhiniformes)
Carpet Sharks (Orectolobiformes)
Bullhead Sharks (Heterodontiformes)
Angel Sharks (Squatiniformes)
Saw Sharks (Pristiophoriformes)
The team that contains Dogfish, Rough Sharks and Bramble Sharks (Squaliformes)
A group of very crude and rare sharks like the frilled Shark (Hexanchiformes)

Both things that they all have in common are big mouths along with the fact that they give birth to live offspring (ovoviviparous reproduction).

This group involves the notorious Great White Shark (pictured above) that occasionally terrorizes surfers along sea coasts. Mostly, though, it succeeds on seals, fish, and seabirds. It’s oldest fossils are approximately 16 million years old, therefore it has been a very successful creature.

The largest present-day Mackerel Shark is that the basking shark which develops up to 10 meters. It’s a benign animal that filters plankton (small plants and animals ) in the water.

The greatest shark to ever exist was a Mackerel Shark called Megalodon. It might swallow most whales in its massive mouth. There’s a size comparison drawing to the right.

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